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The Rogers Collection is proud to introduce Abella, which produces exquisite, all-natural honey from remote apiaries in the dense woodlands of Galicia, Spain. "Abella" means bee in Gallego, the language spoken in the region, where this pure, raw, unfiltered honey is handcrafted by beekeepers using age-old artisan techniques.

The Abella Specialty Honey Collection includes three distinctive blends, which incorporate royal jelly, pollen and propolis, all celebrated for their extraordinary health benefits.

Abella Honey with Royal Jelly: Royal jelly, the queen bee's "super food", is painstakingly gathered from the hives and swirled into the honey to create this rich, buttery and sweet delicacy.

Abella Honey with Pollen: The pollen that bees collect as they forage for nectar from blooms is slowly mixed with the honey, resulting in this thick, flowery and tangy blend.

Abella Honey with Propolis: Propolis, which bees gather from tree bark and other vegetation to seal and protect hives, is stirred into the honey to produce this intense, herbaceous and tart specialty.

All of the blends in the Abella Specialty Honey Collection are delicious with yogurt, fruit, bread and tea. They also pair perfectly with cheese (from mild ricotta to strong blue varietals) and elevate the flavor of vinaigrette, barbecue sauce and crème fraiche.

The striking packaging, highlighted by free-form, thick glass jars, makes Abella Honey a great gift.

Origin Spain
Retail Size 5.25oz.
Item No. AB001
UPC 740913000901

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